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DISH Satellite TV in Muleshoe, TX} DirecTV
Package Name AT120 Entertainment
Channel Count 190 160+
Includes ESPN Yes No
Advertised Monthly Price $59.99 $64.99
1st TV Receiver Fee Free Free
Local Channels Fee $0.00 $0.00
Regional Sports Fee $0.00 RSNs not available
HD Programming Free Free
First Year Monthly Price $59.99 $64.99
Contract Period 2 Years 2 Years
Price Protection 2-Year Price Guarantee 1 Year
Price Increase at end of First Year $0.00 $28.01
Second Year Monthly Price $59.99 $93.00

All data found on 8/21/2019. DirecTV - National Offer - non-AT&T wireless or internet customer. Comcast - Denver. TWC - New York City. Charter -St. Louis. 1 TV included. Upfront fees, taxes, and state-specific surcharges may apply. *Maximum fee. Amount varies by geographic location.

On technology, DISH is far superior

The Award-Winning Hopper

30 Industry Awards
25 Advanced Features (including)
Built-in Netflix app for easy access
Remote Locator
Wireless Receivers Available

Meet The Hopper

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Satellite TV vs Cable - DISH DVR - The Hopper - Muleshoe, Texas - Ace Satellite - DISH Authorized Retailer

Top Rated Features

Record up to 16 shows at once (Hopper 3)
Watch 100% of Your Live TV Channels Anywhere
Watch 100% of Your DVR Recordings Anywhere
Instantly skip commercials during your favorite shows1
500 Hours of HD Recording Storage

Compare DISH and DirecTV: DISH Gives You More

DISH saves you an average of $84 vs. DirecTV over two years. And not only do you pay less — you also get more:

  • DISH gives you more channels than DirecTV, including Encore, EpicTV, FOX Movie Channel, ESPN, FOX Sports and Movieplex.
  • If you like cartoons on Boomerang, then DISH is your answer — because you don’t get Boomerang with DirecTV.
  • You get 50 premium channels free for three months.

Only With DISH: Amazing Hopper 3 Technology

Only the Hopper 3 gives you the ability to instantly skip commercials while watching select primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC recorded with PrimeTime Anytime. Plus, you can record up to 16 shows at once and never miss a show again! On top of that — watch four sports events on the same screen, and keep up with the scores of all the big games without changing channels. When you compare DirecTV and DISH, the picture is clearer than ever. Only DISH gives you:

  • Two times more DVR storage space for recording shows
  • The ability to watch 100 percent of your live channels anywhere
  • The DISH Anywhere app so you can watch your shows on any device
  • The ability to directly access Netflix without changing inputs
  • A voice remote to control your TV without lifting a finger

DISH’s average rank since 2010 is higher than DirecTV’s in these ACSI Service Categories: call center satisfaction, website satisfaction, clearest bill to understand and lowest customer complaint rate. If you want the best service, sign up for DISH.
DISH just gives you more!